The Garden Rankings of Japan
日本庭園 全国ランキング 順位別解説

No.1 The Adachi Art Museum : 足立美術館


About: The Adachi Museum is located in Shimane prefecture. It was established in 1970 by Mr. Zenko Adachi. Visitors walk through the museum building, viewing paintings on interior walls and gardens through large, floor-to-ceiling exterior windows. The scenic beauty of Adachi's various gardens is spectacular.

Pros: The maintenance of this garden is superb - the best in Japan. The Museum does not take days off. It has been open every single day for more than 40 years and all garden maintenance takes place in front of paying guests. They have their own tree nursery for spare trees and shrubs. If they see even the slightest problem, they will switch out plant materials or whatever else is needed. This museum is not afraid of making changes. They are always trying to improve, and that is one reason why they are so respected.

Cons: Some people say this place is too perfect thus they claim it looks sterile. Many guests also express the desire to go outside more. The facility could be improved with an open terrace cafeteria or benches/machiai where people can relax outside.

長所:神管理 40年間年中無休 庭を美術作品と認識している 予備用植栽の植え溜めを持ち、問題があれば数十分で同サイズ、同じ枝振りの樹木に植え替えが出来る 全職員参加の庭掃除 更なる向上を目指し変化を恐れない姿勢

改善できる箇所:きちんとしすぎていてリラックスできないという意見も 屋外でのんびり座って鑑賞できるスポット(ベンチ、待合、オープンカフェテラスなど)があると喜ぶ人もいると思われる

How To Get There :アクセス

Fly, drive or take JR Yakumo express from Okayama to Yonago. Adachi Museum's shuttle buses run from/to JR Yasugi Station and other places. For more infomation, please contact the Adachi museum. (0854) 28-7111

岡山より米子方面へ JR米子・安来駅など数カ所から美術館まで無料シャトルバスあり 詳細は足立美術館 (0854) 28-7111まで