The Garden Rankings of Japan
日本庭園 全国ランキング 順位別解説

No.3 Yamamoto-tei : 山本亭


About: Yamamoto-tei is the former residence of Mr. Einosuke Yamamoto. Now it is a delightful local retreat in Katsushika ward in Tokyo.

Pros: Everyone who visits this place falls in love with its friendly atmosphere. It is an excellent example of sukiya-style residential architecture. The garden is small yet has a nice layout. You can stay here all day and relax with your fiends around tables. It's a wonderful way to experience how it feels to be living in a traditional Japanese home.

Cons: There are too many "balled" shrubs that are not pruned into the proper tamamono (semi-sperical) shape). In particular, the small shrubs in front of the pond need to be kept much lower so the water and garden can be seen from the engawa. Mums and other seasonal displays also block the view. The pond water quality needs to be improved. The pipes in the pond are unsightly.

長所:好感度No.1 駅から柴又帝釈天の参道を通って山本亭に着くまでにもういい気分になれる街 おじいちゃんの家のきれいな庭の見える座敷でのんびり過ごすのと同じ体験が出来る和み空間 百円で一日中いても怒られない貴重な数寄屋建築 お座敷で喫茶軽食も 柴又の気さくで優しい人々とのふれあいも楽しい

改善できる箇所:池の水質向上とパイプ隠しもしくは撤去 菊など季節の鉢植え等が眺めを遮っている事がある 玉物がボール型だと下部に日光が当たらず枯れ込んだりしやすいので半球(ドーム)状に剪定した方が安定感が増し端整な印象に 池手前の玉物の高さを抑え、縁側に座った状態で水面と奥の庭がよく見えるようになるともっと素晴らしくなるだろう

How To Get There :アクセス

Take the Keisei line from Ueno station. Get off at the Shibamata Station. Walk toward Taishaku-ten and Yamamoto-tei is around the south east corner of Taishaku-ten. Yamamoto-tei is closed on the third tuesday. For more information, please contact at the Katsushika Ward City Hall, Yamamoto-tei (03) 3657-8577

上野より高砂乗り換え京成金町線で柴又駅下車徒歩8分 詳細は山本亭 (03) 3657-8577まで